It’s that time of year again where illness seems to be everywhere. Even if you do everything you are supposed to like washing your hands and avoiding people who are sick, there is still the chance that you could fall ill a few times during the winter season. If you do get sick, knowing what you are suffering from can help you treat your illness more effectively. When it comes to having an infection, that can prove to be a bit more difficult! Read on →

Even if you take all of the proper precautions like getting your flu shot and eating well, you can still come down with the flu. While flu symptoms in individuals who have gotten their shot tend to be less severe, it can still make you feel ill for a few days. If you suspect you have the flu or are feeling sick, we can help with a diagnosis at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City! Read on →

If you are fighting off an infection, chances are that a fever is one of the symptoms you are experiencing. Your fever might not be noticeable to you, or it could make you feel downright miserable! Fevers are your body’s way of helping you fight off infection, so in most cases, they are a good thing. If you are trying to decide whether to treat a fever, check out our AFC Urgent Care Fountain City team’s latest blog below. Read on →

We recommend that everyone gets a flu shot every year to help protect them from severe illness. We especially recommend it this year as we enter into a season where the flu and COVID-19 are circulating around together—and people are taking fewer illness-prevention precautions. The flu vaccine has been around for over 50 years and has been proven to be very effective in reducing symptom severity and even preventing illness in the first place. Read on →

Adult headaches can be anything from a minor nuisance all the way to a medical emergency. The same is true for when your child comes to you complaining of head pain. Thankfully, most headaches are minor and can be remedied with some simple at home measures. In other cases, though, they can require prompt medical attention. Our AFC Urgent Care Fountain City team wants you and your family to stay safe and healthy, so read on to learn about the warning signs for childhood headaches below. Read on →

As parents, it’s our job to protect our children as best we can. When it comes to illness, that can be difficult! It can be especially hard when there are so many different kinds of illnesses and sicknesses at this time of year. One illness that all parents need to watch for is respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. RSV symptoms can vary widely from simple cold-like symptoms to trouble breathing. Read on →

The development of antibiotics is one of the greatest accomplishments of modern medicine. Before their discovery, your chance of death due to an infection was about 30%! Thanks to antibiotics, a bacterial infection is much less dangerous today. They are a wonderful asset to our health and can help you recover more quickly. Antibiotics are great when they are used correctly, and our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City explains the correct use of antibiotics below. Read on →

Any sort of dizziness or spinning sensation can make it hard to navigate daily life. When you have a flareup of vertigo, it can make it downright impossible to accomplish simple daily tasks. Vertigo is a lot more complicated than just a quick episode of dizziness. When you experience vertigo, your whole world and your surroundings feel like they are shifting and moving around you. Some people describe it as a “swooping” sensation. Read on →

If you or your children have scoliosis, chances are that you have wondered if and when it will get worse. Scoliosis is a progressive condition, meaning that the longer you have it, the worse it can become. However, this progressive condition is unique in that it does not have a predictive trajectory. Some cases will only progress in childhood and not get any worse, and some may continue to worsen and begin to affect your daily life. Read on →

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDS, are relatively common among Americans. They are so common that it is suspected that one in five people experience one in a given year. Those odds are high enough that you may find yourself wondering if you need to be tested. The best way to know if you have an STD is to get tested. Getting tested helps prevent the spread of the disease and also ensures that you will prevent yourself from developing long-term or chronic issues later in life. Read on →