AFC Urgent Care Fountain City: Quality Medical Care You Can Rely On

The healthcare industry experienced some major changes in how we approached patient care over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May, there will be a variety of changes coming in regard to telemedicine.

What isn’t changing, however, are the benefits of an in-person visit at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City! Our team offers a personalized approach to all of our patients, and we explain the importance of that below.

Why Should I Come in to Be Seen?

When you don’t feel well, seeking relief and overcoming your illness is usually your top priority. An in-person visit allows us to see, feel and examine the area of concern, and we can get a much better understanding of your symptoms or pain this way. We might be able to even catch a symptom that allows us a faster diagnosis!

AFC is also special because not only do we work here, but a lot of us live in the Fountain City area as well! We understand what it is like to live here, and we share many similarities as neighbors and friends. When you come through the door, we will greet you with a smiling face and a wave!

What an In-Person Visit Entails

  • Access to further testing
  • Better patient/provider relationships
  • Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis
  • Personal touch

Can I Just Do a Virtual Visit?

Telemedicine and virtual visits were definitely helpful changes during the pandemic. It still allowed many patients to access medications and medical care from the safety of their homes. However, this type of visit doesn’t allow for a complete evaluation.

Things can get missed behind a screen, and we can’t get a complete picture of your injury or illness. If you come in to see us, we can do our exam and order further testing if necessary. An X-ray, blood work or a rapid test can help us diagnose you quickly and more accurately. Our team is here when you need us!

In-Person Services That AFC Offers

  • Thorough, patient-centered visits
  • Lab services
  • X-rays
  • Rapid testing for flu, COVID-19, strep throat and some STDs

We are always here for you. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City today.