Have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving | Fountain City, TN Urgent Care

Turkey, stuffing, and yams—oh my! Who doesn’t love a Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings? While all that sounds delicious, our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City wants to help you make this Thanksgiving both happy and healthy.

Enjoy the Day the Healthy Way

Since your overall health is determined by your habits throughout the year, don’t miss out on these ways to make Thanksgiving Day a “healthy” day as well.

The following are tips to help you make this Thanksgiving the healthiest one yet for you and your family. And who knows? It might just be the most enjoyable one, too!

Start Your Thanksgiving Morning Off Right

Just as with any day, the way you start your morning can set the mood for the rest of your day. So why not begin your morning with a walk or run?

On Thanksgiving Day, the Hot to Trot 5k, 10k and Fun Run is a great event that you and the entire family can participate in right here in the Knoxville area. Whether you decide to walk or run (or “Fun Run”), this event can help you get your workout in before the big Thanksgiving dinner and help you to start your day off on the right, “healthy” foot.

If a 5k isn’t necessarily up your alley, then at least try to go for a walk or run around the neighborhood to wake up your metabolism.

Next, you want to ensure you eat a healthy breakfast. While some people think that they should wait until the Thanksgiving meal to eat, this actually sets you up for failure. If you starve yourself all day, you’re more likely to consume more calories because your body is craving food.

So, instead of waiting for the big meal, go ahead and consume a healthy breakfast that consists of oatmeal and fruit, an omelet with veggies, or whole-grain cereal. Your body has burned energy all day. Don’t wait until 4 p.m. to fuel your body. It needs breakfast to help you maintain your energy and conquer Thanksgiving Day!

Tackle the Meal Like a “Healthy” Boss

Now that you’ve started your Thanksgiving Day off successfully, it’s time to tackle the Thanksgiving meal. (Note: If your family has Thanksgiving dinner closer to 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., then try to at least have a small snack (i.e., apple with peanut butter, a cup of raw almonds, etc.,) to help tide you over until dinner.

Set yourself up for success by evaluating everything on the Thanksgiving table and making a plan. Chances are that you’re going to want to try everything. However, it’s important that you divide your plate in a way that allows you to indulge in those special side dishes while also including healthy portions of the foods that are good for you.

Nutritionists suggest filling half your Thanksgiving dinner plate with vegetables, one quarter with turkey, and the rest with the starch of your choice, such as corn-on-the-cob or a baked potato.

End on a Healthy Note

Now that you have made it through the day better than you thought you would, why not end the day on an even better note by taking the family for some fun (and exercise) at Fountain City Park. Whether you play a family game of basketball, take a walk around the duck pond, or allow the kids to burn off all the sugar from dessert at the playground, the outdoor time will help you to wind down after a busy Thanksgiving Day and enjoy some time with loved ones—while also burning off some of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie!

Don’t let illness invade your Thanksgiving plans this month. Visit AFC Urgent Care Fountain City so that we can help you start feeling as good as new – just in time for turkey.