How Can I Break a Flu-Related Fever?

Having a fever is the worst—not to mention, it can be quite dangerous if your temperature is high enough.

Unfortunately, having a fever is very common when dealing with the flu. Although this is the case, there are many things you can do at home that can help to break your fever and feel better!

Our AFC Urgent Care Fountain City shares these treatments and more information on the flu below, so keep reading!

Why Does the Flu Cause a Fever?

You’re probably well aware that a fever is a common symptom of most viruses, including the flu. But do you know why?

According to experts, the body raises its temperature to make it difficult for a virus to replicate, which is what happens when the body is fighting off the influenza virus. While a fever isn’t 100% guaranteed when dealing with the flu, it is one of the most common flu symptoms. We’ve listed some more common flu symptoms below.

Common Flu Symptoms

  • Aches and pains throughout the body
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • An extreme feeling of fatigue
  • A persistent and worsening cough
  • Stuffy or runny nose

If I Get a Fever, How Can I Break It?

Running a fever can cause lots of discomfort. Fevers at 100ºF and up are very common when dealing with the flu.

If you take your temperature and you have a fever, it’s important to treat it quickly. Untreated fevers can lead to lots of health complications—especially among children, older adults and those with compromised immune systems.

Ways to Help Break a Fever

  • Stay in bed and get plenty of rest.
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking lots of water, tea and diluted fruit juices can help to replenish lost fluids.
  • Take OTC medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Stick to the proper dosage on the bottle, and don’t them use alongside other fever-reducing medications.
  • Stay cool. Remove extra layers of clothing and blankets, unless you have the chills.

Getting the annual flu vaccine is the best way to reduce your risk of getting the flu this winter! We offer the vaccine at our AFC center, so don’t wait to stop by today to get yours.