How Can I Enjoy the Sun Without Getting Burned?

The summer season is a favorite among many for good reason! The weather is beautiful, the temperatures are warm and there is so much fun to be had in our area. As you get ready to enjoy all that the Fountain City community has to offer this summer, make sure you prioritize staying safe from the harsh summer sun.

The sun can feel really good on your skin after a long winter, but be cautious to avoid long-term exposure. You are at risk of sun damage and even skin cancer with every sunburn you receive.

Our AFC Urgent Care Fountain City team wants you to be able to enjoy the summer season as much as possible, so check out our tips on sun safety below.

Why Is the Sun Bad For My Skin?

Whenever your skin is exposed to the sun, you are being exposed to UV, or ultraviolet, rays. These rays damage your skin because they damage your cells’ DNA. With time, your skin will become more susceptible to premature wrinkling, sunspots and skin cancer.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best line of defense against UV rays! You really should be applying sunscreen before going outside at any point in the year, but especially during the summer time. Make sure the sunscreen you use has an SPF of at least 30 and that you are digilent about reapplying it at least every two hours while outdoors. It’s also important to remember that sunscreen is important even if you are going swimming or will be in the water. The reflection of the sun off of the water can actually have a greater impact on your skin and can lead to faster burns.

Sun-Safe Suggestions

  • Avoid being outside when the sun is the strongest.
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade.
  • Wear sunglasses and protective clothing.
  • Move outdoor activities into a shady spot.

Do Hats and Sunglasses Help Against the Sun?

They sure do! The way you dress can help your entire body avoid sunburns. Sunglasses help protect your eyes, and a hat can protect the most sensitive areas of your exposed skin. It can be hard to get sunscreen on your scalp, neck and ears, so a hat is a great way to block the sun altogether.

You can also use your clothes to your advantage! Long sleeves, beach cover-ups and pants can all help block the harmful rays. There are also UV ray-blocking clothing options for even more coverage. As always, the shade is your friend, so make sure you are taking frequent breaks and give your skin time in the shade.

Common Signs of Skin Cancer

  • A new change to your skin, like a growth or sore
  • A changing mole
  • Skin itchiness
  • The appearance of a lump under the skin

Sun safety is crucial throughout your life. If you are worried about a potential sign of skin cancer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City.