How to Fall-Proof Your Home

Falls at home happen much too often, and they don’t have to. Falls are highly preventable, as there are many things you can do to fall-proof your home!

Our AFC Urgent Care Fountain City team provides many ways to make your home safer for yourself or your elderly loved, so keep reading!

  • Here’s what to do: Make sure your home is well-lit. Good lighting is one of the biggest keys to preventing and lowering the risk of falling in your home. Consider adding LED bulbs to provide light that doesn’t need to be changed very often. If you don’t like bright overhead lights, though, add more lamps.

  • What to do next: Replace loose rugs with rubber-backed rugs. Scatter and other area rugs are fall and tripping hazards. If you like having rugs around the house, just make sure they’re secure and don’t have turned corners or edges that you could trip on.

  • What to do after: Clean up spills. Any type of floor can be slippery and dangerous when wet! Keep a hand towel within easy reach to help you clean up spills easily and quickly.

  • Something else to keep in mind: Install grab bars by the toilet and shower. The hard, slippery surfaces in bathrooms can make it hard to stand and easier to fall. Having properly installed grab bars around the toilet and tub provides needed support and balance.

  • Another tip: Wear safe footwear. Floppy slippers and socks can increase your chances of slipping and falling. Instead, wear properly fitting, sturdy shoes with nonskid soles or socks with rubber grips on the bottom.

  • One more prevention tactic: Reduce clutter. A cluttered area can come with lots of fall hazards, so clean up boxes, papers, loose wires, etc. to lower your risk of falling.

  • Action steps to take: Stay active throughout the week. Being sedentary will weaken your body and reduce flexibility. Having a sturdy core and good balance will greatly lower your risk of falling and will help you reach optimal health.

  • Doctor recommendations: If you take any prescription or OTC medications, ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines to see if any might make you dizzy or sleepy. Dizziness and sleepiness can increase your fall risk.

Has the unfortunate happened and a fall has occurred? If so, don’t hesitate to visit our AFC center to get an X-ray!