Is Midnight Snacking Bad for Me?

Snacking sure is fun, isn’t it? If you’re trying to lose weight, however, those late-night snacking binges are not a great idea. Not only are you less active in the late hours, but the snack options you reach for are probably not healthy fruits and veggies.

At AFC Urgent Care Fountain City, we are concerned with your health and wellness! Read on as we discuss the repercussions and how to prepare for the late-night munchies.

How Does Midnight Snacking Affect My Health?

Studies have shown that the metabolic rate is linked to the specific time of day. When your body slows down in the evening and night hours, chances are that your metabolism has slowed down considerably as well.

That means that you are more likely to gain weight when snacking at those times. In addition to decreased metabolism, we’ve listed a few more unwanted results of those late-night eating sprees below.

Negative Health Effects of Late-Night Snacking

  • You are more likely to overeat than at planned meal times.
  • It can result in higher blood sugar levels, which can lead to disease.
  • You may miss some nutrients and benefits of the foods you are consuming. Your body more readily absorbs nutrients during regular eating times.

What Are Some Ways to Fight Off the Late Night Hunger Pangs?

Those late-night cravings can feel unavoidable, but there are definitely some ways to make saying “no” to midnight snacking and “yes” to healthier routines a little easier.

If stress is one of the contributors to your late-night snacking, find healthy ways to combat stress (like yoga or meditation) so that you’re not grabbing for a bag of chips or cookies when you feel overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to avoid the unhealthy results of midnight snacking.

A Few More Ways to Battle The Midnight Munchies

  • If you do snack, try healthy options like nuts, peanut butter, yogurt or fruit.
  • Drink herbal tea before bedtime.
  • Make sure your body is well-hydrated.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night. If you are sleeping regularly, you may not be awake and feel the need to snack.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City is passionate about keeping you healthy. For all of your health and wellness concerns, call or stop by today.