Is Scoliosis a Progressive Condition?

If you or your children have scoliosis, chances are that you have wondered if and when it will get worse. Scoliosis is a progressive condition, meaning that the longer you have it, the worse it can become.

However, this progressive condition is unique in that it does not have a predictive trajectory. Some cases will only progress in childhood and not get any worse, and some may continue to worsen and begin to affect your daily life.

If you are interested in learning more about scoliosis, the team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City fills in the details below.

How Does Scoliosis Form?

Scoliosis affects the way your spine is stacked. In normal spines, the vertebrae form in a vertical line and support your body through fluid movement. In a scoliosis spine, the vertebrae are in an “S” or “C” shape.

Most cases are idiopathic, meaning that there isn’t a known cause. However, scoliosis does tend to run in families and affects girls much more often than boys. If you suspect a case of scoliosis in yourself or your child, watch out for posture-related symptoms.

Scoliosis Indicators

  • Difference in shoulder height
  • Asymmetry in ribs
  • Difference in hip or shoulder blade height
  • Prominence on one side of the back when bending over

What Is the Prognosis of Scoliosis?

Once you have scoliosis, you will probably have some sort of curvature in your spine for life. In severe-enough cases, a back brace or surgery may be discussed. Most of the time, though, treatment is focused on symptom management rather than one of those intensive approaches.

If your scoliosis was diagnosed at a young age or if your children have it, more frequent medical visits will be encouraged to keep an eye on the curve and to address any worsening problems during any growth spurts.

Tending to Your Scoliosis Symptoms

  • Consistent exercise to strengthen your back muscles
  • Anti-inflammatories to manage pain
  • Yoga and stretching to help alleviate pressure points on your back

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