Let Fall Bring Cooler Temperatures—Not the Flu! | Fountain City, TN Urgent Care

Now that fall is approaching, it’s time to start planning to participate in some fall fun activities, such as bonfires, tailgate parties and corn mazes. And in order to enjoy the fall fun to the fullest extent, you’ll need to stay in good health—and avoid the flu. That’s why our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City wants to share some tips with you.

Combat the Flu With These Tools

The flu season seemingly never ends. As soon as one flu season ends, another flu season begins. And here we are again. Now that we’ve had a small period where we haven’t heard about many cases of the flu, it’s already time to start talking about the 2017 flu season. Are you ready?

The first thing to remember about flu season is that the best defense against the illness is the flu vaccine, which is recommended on an annual basis. It’s important to get your flu shot in early fall because cases of flu often start around popping up around October, which is just a few weeks away. Need a flu shot? Stop by our urgent care center today to get one—no appointment is necessary.

Nearly everyone should get the flu shot, but there are certain categories of people who are at higher risk of the flu. This includes people whose immune systems are compromised, young children, and older adults. Pregnant women should also be vaccinated, since young babies cannot be vaccinated and are vulnerable.

While flu season tends to reach its peak in January and February, flu cases can start appearing as early as October and as late as May. You don’t want to wait until flu cases are beginning to appear in doctor’s offices before being vaccinated. Go ahead and get vaccinated now so that you are protected before the first cases of flu appear in the area.

Finally, remember, you have to be vaccinated every year. Each year, different strains of the flu appear. Because of this, the flu shot is reformulated every year, which is why an annual flu shot is needed.

Of course, the flu shot isn’t the only way to help protect yourself from the flu this year.

In addition to the flu vaccine, make sure you keep your healthy habits going all year long. From exercise to healthy eating, it’s important that you are taking steps to help build a strong immune system and fight off any potential illnesses.

Also, be aware of how much stress your body is under, especially during flu season. Your body hates stress, but the flu virus loves it because excessive stress can cause your immunity to decline. This makes you more likely to get sick, either with the flu or another type of illness. Manage your stress with regular physical activity and plenty of sleep—and take time to enjoy relaxing activities when stress starts to get the best of you.

Didn’t get a flu shot last year and got the flu instead? Stay on top of flu season this year by visiting AFC Urgent Care Fountain City as soon as possible for a flu shot.