Why Does AFC Use Digital X-rays?

X-ray technology is one of the greatest advancements of our time! We are grateful to be able to use this diagnostic tool every day to help patients recover faster from injuries and illnesses.

In addition to all of the other benefits that a stop at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City can offer, our team uses digital X-ray technology that can diagnose you quickly and more accurately than a traditional film X-ray.

Read on to learn more about digital X-ray technology and how it can help you.

What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays still use X-ray beams to take the image, but their delivery process is what sets them apart. Traditional X-rays are developed on film and take time to come into focus. Digital X-rays are kind of like photos from the camera on your phone! The image is taken and then is sent to the computer to be uploaded.

The image is available right away, which is faster than a traditional X-ray. The image on the screen is much clearer and provides a crisp view of the area of concern. We are able to zoom in on specific areas without losing quality, which can help us diagnose even the smallest signs of infection or the tiniest of fractures.

Common Conditions That X-rays Can Detect

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Kidney stones
  • Chest and lung issues like pneumonia
  • Abnormal masses or tumors

Is Radiation Exposure a Concern With Digital X-rays?

Even though the delivery process of the images is much different, digital X-rays are still X-rays, which means a small amount of radiation is present during this process. The amount of radiation in an X-ray, though, is negligible.

You can stop by our center for an X-ray any day of the week. You never need to make an appointment in advance, and we will work with you to get to the root of your issue quickly and efficiently.

Why AFC Uses Digital X-Rays

  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Clearer images
  • Faster turnaround
  • Reduced environmental impact

Our X-ray technology can help you feel better faster. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City for yours today.